Can't do system break mid-measure in Dorico 4

Thank you, Lillie. I have noticed that Dorico generally makes wise decisions about defaults. And one soon learns to consult and change the various options if one prefers something else. This one was a little different because it is a UI issue that I didn’t expect.

Once one is in the know, of course, it is a non-issue. The problem arises for a new user who has certain expectations about the software that are suddenly not met and then confusion ensues. Perhaps a notice might go up the first time one moves a measure to the next line by selecting within the measure: "Set option etc. in Preferences. if you want to move a partial measure etc. "

I would be of the “allow mid-bar” as default group, partly because this has been the default behavior for earlier versions. Other software makes similar system breaks by selecting the barline first – it makes perfect sense as to exactly where the break goes. I think new users would be mystified by selecting a note in the middle of a bar, creating a system split, then having the entire bar move (unwanted behavior). The split should go exactly where you select, not somewhere “approximately nearby.” Diving into the options would show that other actions are possible (but not the Default). JMHO

Just got done spending a chunk of time and mental hair on this issue. Could it at least be clearly documented that this is NOT the default, and where to find that setting? I looked Layout Options all over… to find the answer in someone else’s issue; though I don’t necessarily disagree that Preferences is a good place to put it. It was just rather unexpected (and exasperating) for a newbie at Dorico like me.

Surely I’m missing something (important), but this sentence in your link looks wrong to me: if it’s activated (checked) breaks within bars are not allowed:

Where is my mistake?

That old link takes you to the Dorico 4 manual. I have since corrected this in the Dorico 5 manual.

Oh thanks Lillie! This is my mistake! :smiley: