Can't download AI 7 after failed downloads

Hey guys,

I was sent an email recently saying that I had a free copy of AI 7 as an upgrade from AI 6 from when I purchased a UR22. I attempted to download it a few days ago, however I was unaware that I didn’t have enough free hard drive space to download it. I made multiple attempts to download it, all of which failed. Eventually, the link on MySteinberg disappeared and now I’m not able to download it at all. I sent a support ticket a few days ago but I’ve heard nothing at all.

I’d appreciate a prompt resolution, and an explanation as to why you would remove a download link in this manner. After all, why would you remove a download link based on number of downloads from one source? (Which is what I’m assuming you do.) All attempts were made from the same computer in quick succession, as one would do if they assumed their downloads were failing because their Wi-Fi connection was dodgy (which I did at the time).



Huh, actually the link should not disappear out of nothing. I just checked my account. Seems fine so far. Have you used the Activation Code that was given out after you have entered your Download Access Code?

Do you still see the entry of Cubase AI 7 in your “Product-page” ? If you expand the entry, there are no download buttons? There is also no entry in the Download-tab?


While it was downloading the first time, I used the activation code on my USB eLicenser. I didn’t do anything with the Download Access Code, I just followed the link in my email and Cubase AI 7 was already there in my list of products, so I assumed it was irrelevant. On the MySteinberg page, I don’t have a Download tab at all, just the Software, Hardware and eLicensers tabs.


Give me a few minutes, I will dig through the database.

Best wishes

Actually, sorry, I’ve resolved it. I activated it on someone else’s eLicenser. I’ve moved it back. Thanks anyway.

Yes, just wanted to reply to you. If you use an activation code on an eLicenser that is not part of your account, the entry will disappear, as the registration is directly connected to the eLicenser, the license has been downloaded to.