Can't download Cubase AI 8 from

Hello people,

I got myself a UR22 sound card today, which seems excellent by the way. Congrats the Sternberg for that.
As you may know, you can get a copy of Cubase AI 8, but once I try to download it, it blocks around 400/500MB and just stop downloading saying “the connection been lost”, when my connection is working fine.

I tried on multiple explorers like Safari or Chrome, and still does the same problem. What can I do ?


Hello Matt,

I have sent you a new link with instructions in a Private Message.

I’ve been having the same problem. Can anyone help me with this. Please and thank you

Hello Jroc,

I have submitted a PM to you.

I am also having this same problem. Can anyone please help? Thank you

Hello Nhcreel,

I’ve sent you PM.

I am having the same problem. Please help.

I have submitted a ticket and haven’t heard back. The download link is broken. I can’t get Cubase AI 8 to download past 90%.

Hello Steinbergers!

Apparently this is still a problem. I too bought a UR22 and I have been trying to download Cubase AI 8 for hours. The speed just drops to 0kbps and stays there. :cry: Is there a mirror or alternate download location? Help PLEASE!!! I want to use this thing!

I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried on every browser and no luck. Can anyone help?

I too am having issues downloading AI 8 for PC from my steinberg page any help?

I am having a similar problem. When I attempt to download Cubase AL8 windows loader, it downloads a compressed folder that is empty. I have tried downloading through the Steinberg website using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I have sent a support request, and I am waiting for a reply.

Follow up: I received a reply from support. They sent me a link to a DropBox file, which I cannot reveal by request. The link contained the files I needed to install the program. Be aware that the DropBox download failed many times. I restarted the download on off hours (late at night) and it was successful. Hopefully support will fix this issue in the near future. If not, I recommend that you contact them directly.

I am unable to download as well. It will not even start a download in Firefox. Edge will download, but it is an empty zip folder. Firefox will attempt to download a mac version, but I cancel it as I only need the Windows version.

I also have the same problem. Its been like 8 months - why can’t they fix this?


I am dealing with the same problem, can anyone help?

Thank you.

I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried multiple browsers (Edge and IE say that the download is complete, while FF and DownThemAll both recognize that it’s not.) If I try to continue, it says it’s trying to download a 117kb file, then immediately fails.

At over 2GB, this is a large download for me - I live in a remote area so I have a pretty aggressive bandwidth cap. I can’t keep trying this, I nearly blew my limit for December with this issue. If there’s no solution other than to keep trying, or get another download that may or may not work, why can they not just send a disk? Honestly, it’s quite frustrating how every corporation out there now appears to assume that everyone on the planet has super high speed, high or unlimited bandwidth connections. Some of us don’t have that option, and it’s a real kick in the teeth when this kind of stuff crops up.

Any assist would be GREATLY appreciated!

I have the same problem. no response from Steinburg. WTF?

Also, your support ticket system does not work. It always rejects the operating system no matter what I enter.

I got my Steinburg UR12 days ago that came with Cubase AI8

When I go to put in ELicenser key it gives me and error that the info is not unique, but it is the info I got from
Steinburg! PLEASE HELP ! I have a project due tomorrow…

[quote=“Joel Gragg”]Hello Matt,

Hi, Do you still have a link for Cubase AI 8, it’s a long story. Regards Warren

Hello support, can you help me? I tried differents navigators, differents download softwares, and the website always block on 1,16gb.