Can't download Cubase iC Pro Trial for Android (for Windows)

How can I download Cubase iC Pro Trial for Android (for Windows)? When you try to download your site sends me to download center, where there is no links to download?

Dear Vetalexy,

sorry to hear you are having problems to download the Cubase IC Pro Remote Extension Trail.

So after you click on “Download for Windows” you are not seeing a page to enter your full name and email to receive your free 30 day Activation key? Only if you have already registered for a trail before, the link to the download center should appear. If possible restart your Internet connection to receive a new IP number from your provider. You may also want to try another browser.

If still any problems, please send me a PN with your information so we can set you up manually and a snapshot of the error if possible.

Thank you!


Thank you! I introduced the e-mail Google ( No letters did not come. Introduced another address ( - received a letter.

You are welcome…

Glad it worked out, enjoy! :wink: