Can't download Dorico 3

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble downloading the the new Dorico 3. Each time I try to open the Steinberg Download Assistant, a window flashes on the screen for maybe half a second then disappears. Nothing else happens.

I am running a Mac mini 2018 Model and OS 10.14.6

Any help in getting the software installed would be greatly appreciated as I’m looking forward to it!


about 2 hours ago the steinberg web servers were having a bit of a struggle, did you try again since then?

There’s a lot more load than usual it seems, the forums are pretty slow too.

Still no luck. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Steinberg Download Assistant but can get the program to open. Hopefully someone here may have a solution…

Daniel has posted direct download links for Dorico 3 for Mac here (click).

I also used to get troubles with download assistant on windows if set to use a proxy server in the internet settings of the system.