Can't download grace period update - keeps failing!

Hi, I’ve been trying for the past 2 days to download the grace period update to Cubase 8 after being sold a 7-to-7.5 update online - My elicenser shows I have a cubase 8 license, and the website takes me to the download link which starts, however all my browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) all claim the file has “finished downloading” when it has only downloaded a partial amount of the file. Opening the resulting .zip file obviously results in errors and unusable content. It doesn’t appear to be a specific filesize it fails at, and I’ve tried it both on wired and wireless connections. Speed is fine, connection to other services seems fine too, just this one damn file won’t download fully!

I’ve also signed into my steinberg account and tried downloading the full version of 8 from there, although I suspect since it’s the same filename it’s exactly the same file, and once again it fails. Has anyone else had this issue? And are there any alternate locations for downloading this? It seems like P2P makes more sense with such a large file because it avoids this exact issue - I would be most grateful if anyone could direct me to an alternate download location.