Can't download Halion 5 update installer


Today I received my Halion 4 copy.
After registered it gave me the link to the Halion 5 update, but every time I try to download it stops at 10-40%

Is the link broken?

Are there another alternative to get the update (FTP maybe?)


Having the same problem myself! If you click on save to computer then it stops between 30 and 71%, says it cant reconnect the link so you have to start over. If you click on the run button, then it downloads it to the point where you can begin the installation, but stops because it says the file is corrupt and to download a fresh version. Tried both several times to no avail. Then went to try and get support from MySteinberg, which now has a thing on it that you have to agree to let your info be sent to recipient… guess what… the link to the agreement doesn’t work either… I’m running in circles here… what’s the problem???

Damn… wrong post!! My issue is with a grace period update from Halion Sonic to Halion Sonic 2!!, Sorry.

Bump. Same problem. Any suggestions?

    1. looking for v5 Installer. :confused:

Yeah the update installer is a temp link which means no resume. I’m giving up for the day after my current attempt (no. 6).

Managed to download it completely using a faster internet connection, so it seems the temp link is expiring too quickly. This should be changed for those of us on slower connections!