Can't download LE

Similar issue that has been brought up here many times, download assistant will not connect to the download manager. Every time I think about trying cubase again, it’s a huge hassle to get anything working.
I’ve tried reinstalling after changing my default install path back to C drive. Why doesn’t this software let me choose which drive I install it to?
I tried turning off windows defender, and disabling the firewall on my computer.
I tried running the network reset command.


I have a feeling, we discuss this in other thread already (maybe you are using 2 different accounts here).

It’s not supported to install Cubase to other but system C drive.

I have only this account. It doesn’t surprise me that others would be annoyed at the software not allowing a choice of install location.

Do you have any advice on how to get this program installed? Is there a direct download for Cubase LE that I can use?


Do you have problem to download or to install Cubase LE, please?