Can't download re-install Cubase AI 8

I have the Cubase AI 8 installed on my PC. I also had the elements upgrade. I lost that PC as someone stole it. So I have a new PC now. I need to re-install my Cubase AI 8 with elements on my new PC. In my Steinberg account can’t find anything about my software. My activation code is acceptable on the site but it does help me at all. The acceptants does not forward in any download link. On the download page I can download only the elements update that is not work without the basic installation as I see (I’ve installed it and do nothing). The update installation came with the eLicenser icon on my desktop, but this app does not help me at all. I give my activation code and I get nothing on the next window.
Any help please???

Thank you in advance,

Hi and welcome,

If you already get an Activation code, you should see the installer under the MySteinberg > Downloads.

After switching to the new computer, you have to Reactivate your license.