cant download the grace period

i activated my cubase in mid january, i opened the eLicenser Control Panel and it downloaded and replace my version 6 to 6.5 but in the steinberg website in the Grace Period Section when i write the elicenser serial it tells me that there is no grace period for me… whats going on?

I’m not sure, but I’ve just experienced the exact same thing… going to try to download the installer… hopefully it should work and the grace period thing is just saying there’s no grace period because it’s already been Upgraded to 6.5 for your licenser now.

but where do you get the installer from?

Good question… there was a post earlier about

connecting using downloadreplacement/sorryforinconvenience as username/password (I think?)

But I can’t connect to that :frowning: Would really appreciate some help if anyone can, please :slight_smile:

ok got it

after the elicenser updated your license, you have a code next to the cubase 6.5 licence, and thats the code you need to put in the grace period thing

Thanks… hmm it’s a bit strange.
It doesn’t seem to like the - in the dongle serial number, even though it accepts it as a valid number. I’m downloading now :slight_smile: