Can't download trial version


I’d like to try Cubase 9.5 on a Win7-32 test computer. After I obtain a trial code and install the Download Assistant, it says “No downloads available for this selection” for all Cubase icons. Is that the intended way for it to operate?

I do not yet have an e-licenser.

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Cubase 9.5 no longer supports 32 bit Windows. However, having a Cubase Pro 9.5 license (full or trial) will allow you to run Cubase 8.5, which was the last version to support 32 bit Windows.

You can download the 10 GB Cubase Pro 8.5 installer from here:

If you still want to download Cubase 9.5 and move it to another computer, change the “Operating System” setting at the top:

OK, thanks! I’ll set up a 64-bit test computer and run it there.