can't download

Hi Guys,

So I downloaded Dorico SE and liked it so I bought Dorico 3.5 in order to get the engrave mode.

However, the software does not upgrade and I can’t find a way of doing it. When I click update. It sends me to a Dorico element page. I can’t find a way of entering any activation code.

Please help!

Also, when I try to get into “my steinberg” after logging in I can only see an “error” page.

Dorico SE, Elements and Pro are all the same application. The license in the Elicenser just tells the app in which mode to start.

Have you received an activation code after purchasing 3.5? If so, have you entered it in the Elicenser?

Locate and open the eLicenser Control Center application - it will have been installed along with Dorico. There’s a big “Enter Activation Code” button in the top left corner of its dialog. Paste your 3.5 code in there, hit OK/Apply, then have another go at running Dorico.


It now works :slight_smile: