Can't drag and drop audio samples from media bay to Battery.

Doesn’t work for me either.
Also dropping an audioclip from Project Window to a Battery 4 Cell doesn’t work.

Would love to see this working … :blush:

Have you tried with ordinary wav files? Drag and drop to third-party applications doesn’t work with protected content (i.e. samples embedded in vstsound files.) You’ll have to drag such a file on to a track and then bounce it. The bounced file is not protected, and can then be dragged to other programs.


Samples that are part of the Cubase content, for example the drum samples that are part of the groove agent presets are locked and not transferable. Normal samples that are on your hard drive will drag and drop into the Battery cells no problem from the media bay.

I tried it with some normal wav files, not cubase related.
Doesn’t work for me.