Can't drag Retrologue arp MIDI to track. Halp!

In the Retrologue 2 arpeggiator window, I turn on the “record” switch and then try and drag from the MIDI icon with the blinking arrow that says “Drag MIDI to DAW track” or whatever and absolutely nothing happens - mouse cursor doesn’t even change when dragging. This is with the latest version of Retrologue 2 and Cubase 9.5 Pro (can’t use C10, it’s broken in other ways but that’s a different topic…). The same procedure in Groove Agent 5 to drag slice MIDI to a track for example works as expected. It’s not rocket science. :slight_smile: I found a YouTube video of someone dragging the MIDI into a track from Retrologue doing exactly what I just said I was doing an it worked for them but for me, nadda. Any ideas?

The phrases played by the Arp depend on the notes that are played and can therefore not be exported directly. However, it is possible to generate exportable phrases by recording the MIDI output of the Arp.

  • turn on the “record” button
  • play some notes on your MIDI keyboard
  • press record button again to stop recording
  • drag and drop the recorded phrase to the DAW track

Hope this helps

Ah, makes sense. Thanks a ton! :slight_smile: