Can't drag several lanes to track with fewer

I have a track (1) with several lanes of takes. In the process of editing the project up I have created a parallel track (2), which of course has the minimum of two (plus the overview). I want to move several lanes of track 1 to 2 but I can’t - at least not all of them at once.

Providing I have lanes open in 2, I can copy over three lanes at a time because they can be lined up with the overview and the two lanes but it seems to me that Cubase ought to be making the room for the rest.

If you drag over three lanes the drag “cancels” as soon as the lowest event drops below the last available target lane but if you drop at the last available point (lowest event on lowest lane, leaving some over the lower lanes of track 1) they all end up in those lowest lanes on track 1.

Is this an area where Lanes could do with a tweak? It sure slows up the old workflow - well, mine, anyway…

Any comments/suggestions?

More practice before recording = less editing afterwards. :wink:

That’s certainly true but somewhat besides the point, mashed

I generally duplicate a track and get rid of takes I don’t want, but I’m sure you’ve considered this.

Thanks for the suggestion and yes, I do that quite a bit, but here I am adding to an existing track with events so that wouldn’t have done it.

It looks like a software design issue to me, which is why I mention it.

Lot of casualties in the topic, is there? :laughing:

Nuff said. Thanks for the vote.

Call that a rant? I thought it was quite constructive (for a change round here on the subject of lanes). Please don’t delete it but, just to nip further comment in the bud, could we leave that debate for elsewhere, chaps, please, I’d like to keep this OT so the issue doesn’t get lost.

Thanks :smiley: