Can't draw in Note Expression 2

I’m on a PC running w7 with Cubase 6

No matter what I do I can’t draw in note expression. I’m only trying to draw in volume and it just won’t work. I have watched multiple videos and followed what I see and no matter what I do if I click with the pencil or draw tool in the note expression box I just get a solid red line that I can make the whole note louder or softer but I can’t draw in a curve.

my mouse is working fine as I can draw all the curves I want to in the controller lanes.

I DO NOT have snap on

what am i doing wrong? I’v rebooted multiple times. Everything else seems to be working. why can’t I draw in controller data???

I feel like an idiot, but for two days I just can’t get it to work

The only way I can repro your problem is with snap on. Does working with the curve tool also only give you straight lines? BTW the top right corner of the note expression editor turns snap on too, in case you’re dragging it from there. It gets highlighted blue.

HTH. Good luck.

You have (accidentally) clicked the “One Shot” button (top-left of the Note Expression window).


I agree with the previous poster, I think you’re in “one shot mode”.

Did his suggestion help? or are you still stuck?



I had the exact same problem and have scanned the internet to find an answer…
I am a newbie too and think I know what might be the problem.
The way the note expression window is positioned means that the left handside of the pop up window is obscured IF and this is the biggie, IF you have your left marker position at 1.00 The left hand part of the pop up window hides under the keys of the key editor!!! so you cant see the necessary and absolutely crucial icons that affect how the blessed thing works!!! DUH!
So, move the start of your peice ( or the left hand marker) to at least 2 on the bar scale at the top and Voila! Hey presto, now when you click on your note to get the pop up note expression window you can see the left hand side of the note expression window no longer hidden behind the keys. You will also see in the middle on the left of the pop un note expression window the “vertical snap” something called “one shot mode” If this is highligted light blue you WILL NOT be able to draw in a sloping line with your line tool. So…make sure this is not lit.( click on in to unselect it!)
Choose the line tool from the menu, left click your mouse button and keeping the mouse button down move your pointer to where you wish to draw the line and then release your left mouse button and…EUREKA is works a sloping line is drawn in!!!"
Hope this helps