Can't draw lines or curves in automation Arturia DX 7 V

Cubase isn’t letting me draw lines or curves when trying to automate the Operators on the Arturia DX7 V.

I can only use the pencil tool and when I do it looks like this.

It’s like it’s low resolution or something.

It seems to be only a problem with the Operators. When I try drawing lines for the volume, it works fine.

Any insight would be appreciated!


It somehow rings the bell to me. I have a feeling, it has been discussed here on the forum already.

As far as I understand, the operators are (several) switchers. It doesn’t make sense to draw a line and get a continues parameter change.

I appreciate the reply and I’d agree if they were switches. Here’s an image that shows they are sliders.

By using automation, the sound can evolve over time, which is why I want to draw a line from one point to another, over a long period of time.

I do appreciate the reply though! Thank you!


OK, it is definitely a slider and from this GUI I would expect you can draw a line.

Have you tried to ask on the Arturia forum, please?

Yeah, I have a support ticket in at Arturia and an unanswered question on their forum. I’ll post here if I hear anything, or maybe someone here knows. Thanks!