Can't edit a midi clip with a folder (video)


As described in this video I made

  • 1 folder with MIDI tracks and 1 track outside the folder (or in another folder)
  • Select the FOLDER clip
  • ctrl(cmd) + clic the SINGLE midi clip
  • Open midi editor
  • Move one note around
    -> result : only 1 track remains in the editor and the note isn’t selected anymore - altough when you hit the top/down arrow you can hear the sound if previewed.

Works :
ctrl(cmd) + A : all clips selected, no problem
Multiple folders : no problem

Doesn’t work :
1 track and 1 folder (melody + harmony let’s imagine) : when you edit 1 of the tracks, the other are removed of the edit window. (even with “edit active part only”)

It’s been a few years and this bug is driving me crazy with each patch and new version still not fixing it (even reported it on the Steinberg Musikmesse booth a few years ago). Of course I can select tracks but when working with big orchestral templates, my folders are closed most of the time and I’d like to edit a clarinet clip while showing the whole string section in the edit window by simply ctrl + clic my clarinet clip and the strings folder…

Thank you in advance if you can fix that somehow…