Can't edit mini sampler

I recently got Cubasis 3 for my iPad. I wanted to put a hihat on a sampler so that I could pitch it but I do not see any create instrument button like tutorials online say there should be. Would someone be able to walk me through how to create a sampler instrument?

Thanks for your help!

At the moment you can’t.Lars from Steinberg says there is a fix in an upcoming update.

Cheers Bazz

Fix cant come quick enough… it’s gathering dust on my iPad until it does

Yep.Hope we have news soon on all other fixes too.
cheers Bazz

Hi all,

The MiniSampler edit functionality is planned to be added in a future maintenance update.


Damn. Really waiting for this. MiniSampler is pretty much a dud without edit. Any idea when this maintenance update will be out? Rough idea?

Though it’s not easy for developers giving the exact time of this update, I really hope the update would come as soon as possible. I would use BeatMaker 3 before this feature comes out.

Yeah that’s are boring words to hear on my ear…! @steinberg Maybe you can add slicing mode too and can add on drum pads too like on beatmaker2/3. So whatever you will add this to your plugin and you sell it out, whatever the price you add I will buy it. But more important is to fix this problems before! :unamused:
Sorry about my English. I’m bad about this… :laughing:

Hi Andi_lofly,

Thank you for your message.

Our team is already working on the first Cubasis 3 maintenance update, which is aimed to address several user topics.
It is also planned to bring back the MiniSampler edit functionality in future maintenance update.

Best wishes,