I’m trying to save a new VST [output] configuration. I click on the “+” key beside the dropdown, give it a name, but the new name doesn’t appear in the list. Also, I cannot delete any of the long list of presets that came with the program.

I’ve removed [via backup] the RAMPRESET file in User/Appdata/Steinberg/N7/Presets, but the new one that’s created has the same problem. I’ve checked the file, and it’s not read-only.

Any thoughts?

Depending on the OS you might need to run the app with admin privileges - read only probably isn’t enough.

Windows 10
Tried it…didn’t work…[thanks!]

you may be looking in the wrong place.

Mine are in… C:\Users\ComputerName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\N7\Presets.

I had an issue once with saving Wavelab presets and that is when I found out I was pointed toward a local directory, and Wavelab was putting things in Roaming.

Take a look and see if this helps.

As far as N7 not saving or deleting via the +/- on the VST connections page, I have never seen that.

good luck,

Thanks Brain…

My bad - I left out the “Computername” out of the tree…I’m in the same place as you…

It feels like a permissions thing, but the file is flagged with Full COntrol and Write flags…

If you are on a network where you have your own login, then you may need to get the system administrator to give you the permissions you need to access your settings. I have that issue with the system admin all the time. I am always asking to have my permissions expanded to incluse X,Y,orZ.

don’t know what else to suggest.


Can you edit with a text editor? If not it sounds like it’s definitely a permissions issue.

I had set up a new Output Configuration within an existing project. I saved this config using the “+” button.
When I unloaded the project, the new config wasn’t available to me in any other project - I was trying to copy it to some existing jobs.
I loaded a new [blank] project, set up the config again, and this time, the config was saved and is now available in the dropdown…good!
As a seperate issue, I’d like to unload the “house” configs that come with the program - as in “29 Stereo + 42 Mono” etc. etc. I can’t delete any of them…can you guys? I used to be able to do this, but not now…
Thanks again, all, for the replies

It is that way in N6 as well, I could find no way to remove them.