Can't edit recoded automation

Hello, so I recorded some MIDI notes and improvised Automation at the same time. Now I can’t edit/correct it. I find the automation track which for some reason has two lines, 1 with automation information on it and another straight line directly over it. I can edit the straight line (which doesn’t do anything) but can’t edit the one with automation on it.

Any help?


Did you record the MIDI CCs as an automation, or as a MIDI Parts. Open CC Automation Setup from the MIDI menu, and check the settings here, please. You can also attach the screenshot.

In general, you have to options:

  • If you recorded is as an automation, then you have to edit it as an automation curve in the Project window.
  • If you recorded is as a MIDI Part, the you have to edit it in the MIDI Editor (like Key Editor) window, in the Controller lane.