Can't edit some instruments. Maybe VST 2 vs 3?

I loaded an instrument, AlphaCM and when I hit the Edit button I do not get the full instrument ready to edit while I play. I get this window:

So I have to click on that window to get the instrument to show up, but I can’t play anything while it’s floating so I’m editing 'blind" or (deaf). Once I close the instrument, then I can hear what I’ve changed.

I’m guessing it’s a VST2 versus VST 3 issue since they have these three-line icons next to them in this window:

^ See how most of the instruments including Alpha has a box icon whilst Groove Agent SE has the three individual lines? That means Groove is VST3 and the others are VST 2, right?

What can I do to use those other instruments since most of them are like that?

VST3 plugins have 3 lines like Groove Agent SE. VST2 plugins have none.

The 2 lines most likely mean that you’re using a 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit host. Try running these plugins in 32 bit Cubase.

I would advice you buy and use the reasonably priced ‘jBridge’ in Cubase x64.

In the past I have run into similar problems with certain 32bit plugins but have found jBridge works very well.