Can't embed pictures via IMGUR


as direct uploading of pictures to the forum gets messed up often (“This upload is not available any longer…”) I tried to embed pictures
using links (BBCode and “”). It worked once but now I always get the error message:

“It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image. Please verify that the URL you entered is correct.”

I double-checked the link - it is correct…

Any advice is welcome.

Last time I tried I got the same error message when extracting and pasting the url from an attachment here, so it may have nothing to do with Imgur… (could be that the image simply is too large (wide)) …

Image needs to be 600 pixels wide or fewer.

Hi folks, thanks for your replies.
I am aware of the limit but the images I’ve tried to link are smaller than 600 pixels, e.g. this one:

Strange… I can upload my own images currently, but I tried the Imgur one you just linked to, and it gave me the same message.

FWIW, I can’t get any source to display inline atm. Apparently has been a very common problem for ages, if you Google it. Think some admin may have to take a look at why this happens…