Can't Enter Rests

Either I’m doing something wrong, or this is a bug, I don’t know.

I have two quarter notes in an otherwise empty bar. I change to ‘edit’ mode, then to ‘enter rest’ mode and either press ‘Y’ or click on the place I want to place my rest (a quarter note rest in this case), and nothing gets placed. All that happens is that the caret advances forward, leaving a blank space where the rest should have been.

This also happens with a totally blank bar. I switch to a rest and can’t input it. I CAN input notes, however (same in the above scenario).

Anyone else run into this?


If you need to enter rests in specific places, you also need to turn on Force Duration (by hitting O). This isn’t a bug. Dorico is designed to automatically divide rests as necessary, dependent on the surrounding notes and time signature.

OK, that’s working. Seems very strange, though, to have to hit an extra key (‘o’) to add rests.

OH, but I see what you mean now— that placing notes at certain ‘ticks’ in the measure will automagically create rests as necessary…that’s nice!


Yep. Get in the habit of not bothering to create rests - in 99% of cases it’s a waste of time. Just navigate the caret to where you need to input notes (using the right and left arrow keys, or space to move through by the selected note value) and enter the notes. Dorico will figure out the rests.

For me it’s been 100% of the time never using the rest function. A bit of a paradigm shift, but it makes so much sense!