Can't enter (type) seconds/frames value when time stretching/squeezing in Cubase Pro

This is happening on my mac. Older versions of Cubase have never had this issue. You have always been able to type in the exact seconds/frames value when using time stretch or squeeze.
From Cubase Pro 10 onwards the (seconds) box will not allow a typed entry. You can type in a percentage value into the percentage box but not a precise time value into the seconds box. It’s a feature I use countless times daily. Now I have to speculate with percentage values and try and try again and again to get it to the value I desire.
Surely this is an easy fix please?

Do you mean the Time Stretch Direct Offline Process, please?

Yes, however the box I’m concerned with is the Seconds frames Range box .I produce TV Ad soundtracks so I work in frames. See the 2 snap shots. In Cubase 9.5 you can select and type in values. From 10 onwards you cannot.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.