Can't exit note entry with Enter key in Dorico 4

I’m having trouble turning off the caret with the Enter key after switching to pitch before duration in V4. I’m using windows 10.

Double click staff to get caret
C to enter a C Quarter note
K to switch to pitch before duration
C to play C
6 to enter a second C quarter note
Hit Enter to turn off the Caret and nothing happens

In 3.5 seems ok.


Have you tried using Escape?

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Or shift-N


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There does appear to be a change in behaviour here, which I expect is unintentional. I’ll look into it further when I get a chance and report back.



I’ve got to the bottom of this now: the problem is that Dorico 4 requires something to be selected for this command to be enabled, whereas Dorico 3.5 does not; we can change this back, and it’ll be taken care of in the first maintenance update.