cant export 2 output channels

hello, im trying to export audio file i made and i cant export from 2 channels.
here is a picture

the UR242 mix 1 is the input on my Audio interface and the UR242 FX BUS is the reverb.
i cant export both of them and the file i getting is with much lower quality compare to when im playing it on Cubase.

im messing with this for about 4 hours and i cant find a solution.

i hope you can help me with that.


it seemst, this function is not available in your Cubase version. Which version, do you have (LE/AI/Elements/Artist/Pro)? To be honest, I don’t know, where is the border line of this feature.

In the Cubase Pro, there is a “Batch Export” on the left side, on top (in the Channel Selection area). Then, you can select more channels/tracks, you want to export. In this version, you own, you can export one channel/track only at the same time.