Can't export audio of a single instrument

I’m working on a chamber piece and I’m having an issue with audio export.
I can export the audio track of complete score or of every single instrument except one (namely bass clarinet).
I can hear when I play it in dorico, but if I try to export as audio file the b.clarinet disappears.
In score export i can’t hear it and if I export it as a single track the output is a track with the correct length but any sound.

Hi @McJg, is it possible that you post the corresponding project file here or send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de? Thanks

Hi @Ulf
Thanks for replying so quickly!
Sorry for using g. drive, the file size is too big, even if it contains only a few bars…
Here are an example of my project and the export result in mp3 (but the issue is the same with. wav).
I just noticed that there is the same problem also with other instruments, like violoncello.
I think and I hope it could be a my very stupid mistake!

Thanks for the data. I will take a look tomorrow as I’m currently on a computer that can’t handle Dorico (Linux).

Nice Ulf! Is it a promise for Dorico? :smiley:

@Alberto_Maria , not at all, just my very old private laptop that would not be capable anymore of running Windows, but still does fine as a netbook with Linux :wink:


Same here Ulf :wink:

The problem, @McJg, is that you have not set an appropriate expression map for the Tracks Cues instrument. Go to Play mode, select the Tracks Cues instrument, look in the Routing section of the inspector, and open the Endpoint Setup dialog. Assign the HSO Bass Clarinet expression map to the channel assigned to the Tracks Cues instrument and confirm the dialog.

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