can't export audio of movt two of three movt song cycle

have three songs for voice and piano and want to export audio for perusal purposes.
movt I and III export fine but movt III starts to export audio then freezes. tried different compute;same.
both .wav and mp3. no dice. is there another way? it will play the movt when usingkey p but will not export it.
can I record it as a file that I can export while playing (I guess I can always using an external recorder since it
is just a perusal recording) while playing using key p?

Can you check the name of the failing flow? If it ends with a full stop (period) or space then the audio export will fail. We discovered this bug only this week. We’ve got a fix for this, but you can also work around it by changing the flow name.

there was no period. I did change the name of the second movt to just flow instead of Waterlilies. It exported the file. then I manually changed the name to Waterlilies and sent it to the performer.

Would you be willing to send me the file so that I can check its OK in our current build? You can mail me at p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de

file emailed

I’ve taken a look at this score and the problem is that the flow name had a space at the end of it - removing the space allows audio export to complete. We’ve fixed this for the forthcoming minor patch release.