Can't export audio without metronome track

Every time I export my score to audio mp3 with metronome enabled or disabled, I hear the click track in the mp3.
This issue started when I first enabled the metronome, then exported (cause i wanted the click track). Now I always have the click track no matter what I do, at least in that particular file.
I restarted Dorico but this doesn’t help.

Hi, are you on Mac or Win? I’m asking because on Mac it may happens that the file cache of the audio player app tricks you. We have seen something like that several times before. Take the exported file and rename it and then load it into a player app.

Hi @Ulf I’m on Mac M1. Indeed when I open the mp3 in another player (e.g. audacitiy) then I hear what I expect. But renaming the file didn’t help for the Mac player “Music”. Is there a way to clear the cache of this app?

Okay, so indeed it is that caching issue. But sorry, I don’t know how to clear the cache of Music. Maybe Google knows…

This drives me crazy, I’m not finding a way to simply audition an mp3 export with Mac’s OOB app “Music”.

I tried the following things:

  • deleting the existing mp3 and exporting it again
  • renaming it
  • deleting all cache files/folders in the folder:

Nothing helps… after mulitple trials I still hear the original file that was first exported.

I’m new to Mac… Which free application is commonly used to listen to audio files? (except Music)

Edit: also copying the file, even in another location (on my mac), doesn’t help

VLC Player is an open source program and quite popular.

And regarding the cache: How to Clear Apple Music Cache on Android, iPhone, and Mac - Guiding Tech

That’s what I did @Ulf

Tried with VLC player… so far no caching issue… hope will remain like that (bye bye Music :wink:

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