Can't export beat

So I finished one song and it won’t let me export it…
It says something about my license being deactivated
and that it needs to be validated.

How do I overcome this problem?

Help please!


Don´t export to mp3, or buy the mp3 patch…? (maybe, since you´re not providing too much useable info here).
It´s never a bad thing to post at least error messages completely, let alone System infos…

Sorry it won’t let me export to mp3 format

On my elicense centre it says in red, that it needs validating
I tried to do it but it doesn’t work

Any help?

It says…

The license required for application “MP3 Encoder C”
was deactivated, because it needs to be validated.
Should the license server validate the licences now?

All Cubase versions apart from the full version have a limited 30 encodings trial version of the mp3 encoder. So you can either buy the mp3 upgrade patch from the Steinberg site (given you´re not using Cubase full version), or export to wav and use a 3rd party mp3 encoder.

this is some BS… having to buy this now after buying Cubase 6.

You don’ t need to buy it if you’re running Cubase 6, since as said Cubase 6 has a full license for the encoder included.