Can't export full score to pdf

Hello Dorico users
I’m trying to export a score and parts to pdf. The parts export fine. But the full score won’t export at all, neither is it even visible in Print Mode. Here’s what I see.

Anyone got any insights, pls?
Many thanks

I’m afraid your picture didn’t attach. Could you please zip up and attach the project that’s causing the problem? I suspect there may be something about the layout name, the project name, or the path you’re saving to that is tripping Dorico up, but without access to the project file I cannot say for sure.

You have Page Range selected in the right panel, but nothing typed into the text box underneath. There are no pages selected. Does that help?

Ah, well done, Leo, yes: that’s exactly right. Choose ‘All Pages’ and all will be well.

Dear Leo and Daniel
Many thanks to you both. I guess I should have seen that.