cant Export -rack instruments/ automation


I can Export a instrument track as a Track Archive (File > Export > Selected Track), and import it back to a new project .

But I cant do this on a midi track. I DONT see rack instruments- kontakt 5- kt st 1 - automation its missing?

just the midi track file is what gets exported.

Any thoughts? is this how it works for rack instruments.?



Sorry, this is not possible with Rack Instruments.

I would recommend you to use Track Instruments. In fact, there is no reason to use Rack Instrumnets, in these days. Track Instrument can also be a multi-timbral, and you can use multiple-outputs (which were the domain of Rack Instruments only in early days).

Unless you need to use midi sends, which, as you know, are incredibly useful.

You can use an Instrument Track, and then you can Add a MIDI track, and route the MIDI track to the Instrument Track. Then, you can use a MIDI Send on this MIDI Track. So the result is the same, again.

I mean the same in sense, you can use MIDI Sends with the Instrument Track, but you can also use all advantages of Instrument Track (like export/Import Track Archive) at the same time.