Can't export separate tracks

Hi guys! I’m new at the forum, so sorry if I make a mistake doing this post.

Going to the point, I have a problem.
Yesterday I purchased Cubase 10 and today I finished a track, now I need to make an Audio Mixdown with the separated tracks to start mixing my VST and Audio tracks in a new session, but I can’t find the way to do this like the previous versions.

When I go to the Audio Mixdown option, it have a menu who let me choose the channels to export, but I only can see the Stereo Out option, the only thing that I can do is export the master bus.

Is this a problem of the new version or am I missing something? I’m a little confused with the new Audio Mixdown window.

Thank you for your help and sorry if my english isn’t so good or i make a mistake doing this post here!


Did you click to the Stereo Out? A drop-down window should appear, where you should see all Channels.

Do you use Instrument Track, or Rack Instrument?