Cant export to OMF

I keep getting an error in 553 everytime I try to export to OMF. “Could not export OMF”

Checked the manual; doesn’t tell me anything there.

Did a search here, but the few threads I found went unresolved.

Here is what I am doing:

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

Try taking the track out of Record.

Thanks for the response, dude.

That really shouldn’t be it, but I gave it a shot anyway. No dice:

When all else fails, trash Prefs.

Good idea. It works, but only the first time I have Cubase open.

Close Cubase
Trash prefs
Launch Cubase
Export > OMF is possible
Close Cubase
Launch Cubase
Export > OMF is NOT possible

It seemingly has something to do with the def.xml file

Here is a short vid:

Now, in that vid, I did not trash my entire pref folder. But whether I only delete def.xml, or I delete the entre folder - it’s the same behaviour.

Support req > SB. How I friggin’ hate the fact that you cant call tech support anymore. Now I have to sit here and wait. Great way to treat paying customers! Way to go!!!

Can’t play mp4’s for some reason. :imp:

Thing to do would be to save the corrupted default.XML and compare it to the newly generated file to see what’s changed between the two re: OMF

That’s just it - it’s the newly generated def.xml that is the problem.

If you could play mp4s, you’d see that. :laughing:

Try the VLC player. Light install, no OH - plays anything.

You said it worked once, check the file before you do an Export. :confused:

D/Ling that app now. :-s

There’s an omffilter.dll file in the Cubase Programs folder under components. I wonder if swapping that out with another could be a fix. My version is

Check what file? There is no file to check when the export works.

Could be - but doubtful, as it works without def.xml, but doesn’t with. Don’t see how the dll would factor in, but if you want to send me yours, go ahead. jeffh at

My vers is a later one -

Ok, here goes.

It’s this string that is the problem:

When I change the value to “0”, it works. When the value is at “1”, it doesn’t.

Problem is, everytime I close Cubase, the value is automatically changed to “1”. Changed the file to “read-only”, but that didn’t work.

Can someone from SB chime in here, and tell me what is going on please?

Thank you.

You’ve got mail.

I looked through the Knowledge Base and the only reference to OMF issues is if Avid’s installed on the system, or such.

I wonder if a repair or re-install of Cubase would put things back to normal. :chin:

Umm, like, no I do not! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope - did some more investigating. When int name=“Version” value is set to 1:

Cubase 452 64 in Vista - does not work
Cubase 553 64 in Vista - does not work
Cubase 553 64 in Win7 - does not work
Cubase 452 32 in Vista - does work
Cubase 452 32 in Win7 - does work
Cubase 553 32 in Vista - does work
Cubase 553 32 in Win7 - does work

  • Both OSs are 64-bit

So it appears that you can not export to OMF in the 64bit vers of Cubase.

Ok, got it.

Changed permissions, and I get that value to stay at 0.

Can someone form SB kindly make an appearence here?

Thank you.