Can't export to PDF?

Very odd problem recently, and I’m not blaming Dorico, I just need to figure it out.

  1. Open a previous-exported PDF, then close it.
  2. Open the Dorico file.
  3. Try to export the same PDF, which should ask me if I want to overwrite the file, but I get “An error occurred.” The message: Could not write to file for graphic export. Is the file open in another application?"
  4. Check to make sure Acrobat is totally closed (including killing all sorts of processes in Task Manager), try it again, same message.
  5. Save as NEW FILE, try to export, same message. Eh??
  6. Change export file name, try to export, same message. Also eh??

At one point, I was literally resorting to restarting my computer. Sometimes changing the export location worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Any idea what’s going on?

What’s the PDF opening in, and where is it stored? If it’s Dropbox, what are your SmartSync settings set to?

Acrobat DC. Dropbox, Smart Sync set to “Local.” But that’s the same settings I’ve always used!

What happens if you print instead of exporting, changing the printer to Acrobat?

I’ll try that the next time it happens. But that’s not a viable option for export, since printing to PDF is different than exporting to PDF from Dorico.