Can't Export WAV Mixes Artist 10

I’m trying to export WAV files of mixdowns for mastering purposes. MP3’s export fine. When I export a WAV file, it exports and appears as a file with a W64 ending. When I try to open the file, I get the message: “Windows needs to know what program you want to use when opening it”. What program should I be using to open exported WAV files? I’d be grateful for any advice.

Well obviously an audio player program. Also spend 10 minutes of your time and read the manual to learn about the different export formats.

Select “Wave file” instead of “Wave 64 file” under Audio Output Format | File Type, exactly like in this picture.

Thanks, Mr. Soundman. The confusion was due to all my previous WAV mixdown exports having been successful and my not having been aware that there was more than one WAV export option available. It looks as though I had selected the Wave64 option in error after having previously exported some MP3 mixdowns. Your help in getting the issue resolved is very much appreciated.