Can't export

Before I start, I’m a Cubase 10.5 Pro newbie (but have used Cubase 6 for years). I’m still getting used to Cubase 10.5, and after the upgrade to 10.5.20, I cant see the “Start Audio Export” button at the bottom of the Export Audio Mixdown window. I am unable to resize the window, or drag it vertically so I cant see the bottom of the window. Its the same on my 24" monitor and my notebook screen. Any ideas please? many thanks

Can you post a screenshot of the export dialog?

Screenshot attached

What resolution are you using? Is HiDPI on?

Am using a HP i5 gaming notebook and a Dell 24" monitor. Its a fresh Win 10 build using the default (Windows recommended) 1366 x 768 resolution, which suited me as my eyesight is not too good. Switched to 1980 x 1080 and Hey Presto!! (This doesn’t explain why it worked with 10.5.12; so I guess its a bug). Anyway I’m up and running again - so thanks for the suggestion KHS.

From the system requirements the 1366 x 768 is not supported so not a bug.

Display resolution minimum: 1440 x 900
Display resolution recommended: 1920 x 1080