Can't figure out Grace Period Crossgrade

I’ve got a hodgepodge of SL licenses and I can’t figure out what is going on.

Okay. Here is where I’m at

I think what I had did was, I bought a SL7 upgrade to SL9 but never activated it because it wouldnt work on my then computer.

Now I’m on new computer, getting this stuff going, trying to.

Website MySteinberg
-My Steinberg Licensing Products - Lists Spectralayers 9

-I find the old Steinberg Online Shop email with the DAC (dated 05/07/2022)

If I enter that DAC into the website MySteinberg Redeem Download Acced Code, I get:
" Redemption of SpectraLayers Pro 10 Update from SpectralLayers Pro 7 or 6 (Grace Period from SpectraLayers Pro 9) successful!

To complete this redemption use the following activation code:"

That code, does not work in elicenser.

it says, “Currently there is no license available”

the dongle is plugged in, but on the dongle the license i have is
“Spectralayers Pro 8 (Upgraded to Spectralayers Pro with Steinberg Licensing)”

which I’m guessing is not what it is looking for for the graceperiod crossgrade to 10???

If I entered the DAC into the SDA download manager I get:
"You Received Your License Activation Code
Spectralayers Pro 10 Update from Spectralayers Pro 7 or 6 (Grace Period From Spectralayers Pro 9)
Do you want to upgrade your license now?
I hit upgrade, but same problem with the license control software - no upgradeable license.

I’m sooooooooooo confused. :frowning:

also. no, nothing in vouchers

The eLicenser is no longer being used. Steinberg Activation Manager (which no longer need dongles) is what replaces it, and used for all Steinberg products for the past couple years.
If you don’t have the Steinberg Activation Manager installed you can get it from here :

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I have the Activation Manager,

it only shows SL9 to be activated.

I searched Graceperiods, nothing. Nothing in MySteinberg website vouchers either… yet when I enter DAC on both MySteinberg website and Download manager it says im eligible for SL10





At some point I upgrade to SL9, but I never used it or completed the auth, but I’ve been using SL7 and 8… so, pre switch to new system.

im having a similar problem with Dorico

Your last 2 screenshots only shows the eLicenser software, not the Steinberg Activation Manager software. This is a different software (which is also not the Steinberg Download Assistant).

That’s where the DAC takes me both when entered in the Download Manager, and the MySteinberg website

The Steinberg Activation Manager looks like this:

Can you see that activation software on your computer ?

yes I have it, and use it.

my problem is SL Pro 10 doesnt show up there, despite it telling me im due for a graceperiod upgrade if I enter the Download Access Code in the MeSteinberg website or Download Manager

Lost in Activation…


Hello! From what I can see, you’ve previously successfully upgraded from SL8 (eLicenser) to SL9 (Steinberg Licensing).

How did you get your DAC code for updating? Did you buy a code for updating to SL10 from SL6/7/8? If so, then that won’t work as you’ve already used the SL8 for an update. You will want the update from SL9 to SL10 (which is cheaper!).

I can see a Spectralayer pro 11 on one of the screenshots !!!

Yes, on the Screenshot from @Robin_Lobel as an example for the Activation Manager

Yep, but (B…. means Beta :roll_eyes:

I just used the old DAC in my email for both Dorico and Spectralayers from my initial purchase,
and they both give similar messages when entering the DAC whether in MySteinbergWeb or in the DL Manager

I know I tried to use the softwares but couldn’t because I was on Win7, so I thought maybe I went partially through the activation process but didnt complete maybe.

But maybe its just a glitch on your end… damn, felt like christmas for a sec there haha

@Robin_Lobel is the developer of SpectraLayers, so it is absolutely normal that he has some Beta releases in his list.

Aha, I see. So, the message you saw is intended for customers who might have received an older (unused) DAC who would be entitled to the most recent version of the software according to our grace period policies.

As your DAC has been used, it will stay with the version that was current when you used it.

Apologies for any confusion!