Can't figure out How to Access HSO in C6

When I owned C5, I purchased HSO 16bit edition.

I just installed my update to C6 and installed the HSO that came with C6. It’s supposed to have different content and this trial version is supposed to be free for HSO 16bit users. I installed it, opened C6 and looked for it in VST Instruments… not there. I installed my copy of HSO 16bit and it’s there. I reinstalled the HSO that came with C6 still not there. Any clues how I get this to work? The interface that’s there is only the old HSO 16bit interface. Different from all the pictures in the new literature, which looks like Halion Sonic only with a brown interface. The only content I seem to have access to in HSO 16bit all has a “16” next to it.

There’s no new VSTi … you access the sounds of the HSO VST Sound Instrument Set via HALion Sonic SE: