Can't figure out simple ostinato riff - help appreciated

I feel embarrassed at not being able to physically duplicate the simple core ostinato riff in the 30 seconds of the below documentary about Sinatra. In part where I stumble is that I can’t tell if part of it is in dotted or triple timing or neither.

I even recorded it as .wav in Chrome using an extension (Chrome Audio Capture), but in part due to a form of chronic anxiety and being hyper copyrights compulsive, I just can’t bring myself to pop it into Cubase, time stretch it and figure it out in slo mo.

This even though ostinatos themselves (as with chord progressions) cannot be copyrighted - I’d still be using illegally recording from the film’s score.

(I know, I know, this sounds obsessive and most people online wouldn’t crucify themselves for such a thing and on one level, it can be considered fair use, but that’s how I’m wired.)


I’m hoping one of you who has perfect pitch and/or the finger dexterity to figure this out just by listening to it, and then could upload a simple type 0 MIDI file with the core ostinato (I can transpose it as needed once I create a composition in which I would use it or a variation of it).


I couldn’t create a clip of the part with the ostinato/s so the best I could do is have it start where there is no voice-over to where the doc’s title appears. It’s about 30 seconds long - from 2:45 > 3:10 min. in.

From what I can tell it’s in 3/4.

Sinatra In Palm Springs: The Place He Called Home (Ostinato section)

More like a clear cut example of Fair Use, at least in the US. You’ve already copied the material. The intention to study the material is what qualifies it as Fair Use.

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