Can't figure out this rhythmic cue

In the attached file, I want to add rhythmic cues to Flow 27 in the Full Score: groups of 8th notes above the staff to show the syncopation grouping.

You can see I’ve added an instrument I’ve called “Cue” (it’s a voice), but I can’t seem to add that instrument as a cue in order to convert it to rhythmic. Not sure what I’m missing. I’ve even tried adding a second score layout to make sure that player is assigned to it.

Ch 3 NEW.dorico (756.7 KB)

You need to enter the instrument name, not the player name. So entering “Voice” works for me in your file.

I think it would be helpful when opening the cue popover to have a list of available cues in alphabetic order, to avoid these cases :slight_smile:

Aha! Thanks.