can't figure out what these are for in the mixer (future development?)

I ask since there’s no way to insert any other sends besides to the “Fx Reverb” channel (if I click on any of the 3 empty slots in the circled area) so I’m not clear on why there are 4 slots instead of just the single one that already has the Fx Reverb inserted by default?

Thanks -

  • D.D.

Aren’t these channel inserts?


Yes, but the only thing you can apparently insert at present is the “FX reverb” which is already inserted by default in the first insert slot. So again, not sure what the other 3 slots are for? (Just curious).

  • D.D.

If you click the down-arrow, you get a list of the VST effects plugins bundled with Dorico - plus any third party VSTs that you might have.

Yah, but that’s an insert. I think he’s talking about sends - there is just one send enabled currently, and Daniel has talked about the intention for some work here as I recall. Me want more too :slight_smile:

Yes - sorry - I was conflating the two but I meant the extra Send slots (which currently “lead nowhere” :slight_smile:)…

  • D.D.

Wow, this is a part of Dorico I just hadn’t ever gotten around to investigating before! I can quickly get more realistic playback by loading some low DSP plug-ins, like the UAD Legacy versions, here in Inserts rather than fiddling around with settings in the VST Player. Thanks for the heads-up!

There is only one send bus accessible at the moment but we hope to allow for more control in a future version.