Can't figure out why wrong rest durations in selection

This is an un-metered piece. In the example, I matched the rest durations in the upper staff to the note values in the pedal but the last beat in the pedal before the double bar has an eighth note triplet, but I can only get a sixteenth note rest in the upper staff. If I change it to a quarter rest it adds a quarter rest across the barline and pushes the half note D back. Not sure why this is happening, so any thoughts? All those rests will be deleted in any case but just can’t figure it out.

I hate to sound like a stuck record, but it’s much easier to diagnose this kind of problem by seeing the project, rather than a picture of it.

Maybe you’ve already removed some rests in the upper staves? Have you tried selecting the rests in the upper staff and making sure that none of them have ‘Ends voice’ set in Properties? Have you tried deleting the rests and then reinputting them using Force Duration with rest input?

I looked into the suggestions given and tried removing all the rests in that section and re-inputting them and the results are as shown. All but the last rest have forced duration and position on but when I get to the dotted half rest at the end of that bar the forced duration button won’t stick. I checked the voices and they’re all in the proper voice, but as I mentioned, all of them will be removed anyway. Thanks for the suggestions tho


Sometimes when I’ve run into problems with big unmetered bars, I have had luck with the following:

  • count how many beats are in the unmetered bar
  • insert a time signature with those beats (i.e. 27/8 or whatever)
  • copy this bar into a new empty bar with the same time signature
  • then make the new time signature “open”
  • finally, delete the original problematic bar

Maybe that would help?

Thanks for the suggestion Stephen. In this case I’m deleting the rests anyway, but what is odd is that the last rest in the upper stave can’t be made into a quarter note rest and seems to be connected (like a tie chain) to the first rest in the next bar.

Richard, can we see the properties for the triplet in the bottom staff, please? I have a suspicion that it might actually be bridging the barline, despite its appearance to the left of the barline…

Here’s a pic. I’m not sure why the start and end offsets are selected.

OK, so it’s not what I thought it was. As Daniel said initially, we/he probably need(s) to see the actual project. There’s too much going on here that’s not easily explained. Here are the things I’ve spotted from your existing screenshots:

But shouldn’t the note over the triplet be in the top stave be a quarter note value if the rests are correct up to that spot?

Not if the first note in the next bar of the top staff is set to start voice.

I figure I could give you an answer within about 2 minutes of actually opening the file, but with just screenshots I’m stymied.

Just checked the first note of top staff after the barline and it is checked ‘starts voice’

Well uncheck that then - it’s presumably preventing previous rests from showing. Daniel alluded to this on the 29th…