Can't filter to change articulation property

This is an XML import, and these accent placements are obviously wrong. And there are a ton of them…

However, when I try to use either Select More or Filter Select–Notes and Chords, this property is not available to remove. Suggestions?

What were your xml import settings for articulation placement? Were you trying to preserve the original, or let Dorico do it’s stuff?

Oh hmm, I didn’t think to check. I always turn off those settings and prefer Dorico’s but I need to check when I’m back at my desk.

I find the articulation properties appear if I select notes and deselect tuplets.

In this case I don’t have any tuplets. Selecting all notes and chords does give me a fair number of properties, just not articulation properties:

Dan, I use another method: selecting all, then click the articulation buttons once or twice until they are all gone. Then put the needed ones back in by hand. Usually I find this faster than changing the properties of them all. Of course this depends on your project.

I see, it’s only articulations of force. If any notes without some kind of accent are selected, the section doesn’t appear. So filtering for that would indeed be just the ticket.

Yes, hopefully this is a change that the team would consider adding at some point.

I was about to post a new topic feature request when I found this (that would have been embarrassing!). I have a filter feature request…

I am in a boat I imagine others must be. I’ll get a copy job from a person who’s done all the note entry but needs formatting or parts or whatever (and invariably corrections). They send me an XML and I do not have access to re-rendering the XML if something’s off, so this is it.

Slurs, accents, articulations and some other things almost always arrive set to their position above or below and I find I usually want to ‘set them free’ in Dorico because I’m transposing or doing whatever to the format which demands these elements more to the right place.

Just like the OP, I would love to filter articulations. But I realize you can’t select just the articulation on a note because it’s basic to Dorico; it’s built into the philosophy that accents, marcatos, staccatos, tenutos and so on are a feature of the note itself, not an independent thing. I agree with that, not arguing against it.

But, couldn’t Dorico, as a feature of Write’s Edit > Filter (select/deselect), allow one to select only “notes with articulations”? This would at least make it so that Articulations would appear in the Properties Panel (which feature isn’t there so long as any rests or non-articulated notes are selected along with articulated ones) and then one could set placement where they want or remove it. Such a feature would not entirely meet the needs of everyone looking to select articulations of course, but for the sort of editing I’m describing it would be a HUGE time saver.

Have you set the appropriate options in Preferences>MusicXML Import? If you uncheck an option, Dorico will ignore the XML and use its own settings.

Come to think of it I didn’t, and it’s too late now anyway as the present project is well under way, so next time. Thank you.

Still, I think it would make a useful filter feature, there could be many reasons to want to select/deselect only notes having articulations.

I just noticed something, sorry. Actually there are two different kinds of articulations, articulations of force and articulations of duration. So actually there’d have to be both types of filter. If you select a staccato note and a marcato note, the panel shows articulation options for neither; if you select a staccato note and a note that is both staccato and accented, then only the articulations of duration option shows.

Edit > Reset Position is your friend here. It’s a bit of a catch-all, obviously, so you’ll want to be careful to only select notes (either by filtering or via Select More), and it’s probably safest to do it in patches so that you can see that nothing else changes.

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Thanks, Leo. Will try. Sooooo much to the program and so much to remember.

I’m curious. Do you think my feature request is a needless one? Do you think it’s the sort of thing that would be too intensive for the programmers to incorporate?

(So you know, I have to leave now so may not see any responses til late in the day. ) Thank you.

I don’t think it’s a needless request, and I know better than to comment on what’s hard for programmers.
It’s always a case of balancing priorities, ensuring that the right programmer is assigned to tasks within an area of the program they’re most familiar with etc.
It’s a small development team, they have their own development roadmap and the existing feature requests list would keep them busy for literally years.

I think it certainly would be useful at least occasionally. They saw fit to include this kind of filtering in Sibelius many years ago.

Thank you all. I hope it makes the list for incorporation in an update.