Can't filter to change articulation property

This is an XML import, and these accent placements are obviously wrong. And there are a ton of them…

However, when I try to use either Select More or Filter Select–Notes and Chords, this property is not available to remove. Suggestions?

What were your xml import settings for articulation placement? Were you trying to preserve the original, or let Dorico do it’s stuff?

Oh hmm, I didn’t think to check. I always turn off those settings and prefer Dorico’s but I need to check when I’m back at my desk.

I find the articulation properties appear if I select notes and deselect tuplets.

In this case I don’t have any tuplets. Selecting all notes and chords does give me a fair number of properties, just not articulation properties:

Dan, I use another method: selecting all, then click the articulation buttons once or twice until they are all gone. Then put the needed ones back in by hand. Usually I find this faster than changing the properties of them all. Of course this depends on your project.

I see, it’s only articulations of force. If any notes without some kind of accent are selected, the section doesn’t appear. So filtering for that would indeed be just the ticket.

Yes, hopefully this is a change that the team would consider adding at some point.