Cant find a decent reverb for my old Cubase

Does anyone know of a vst plugin Reverb that`ll work with my old Cubase SX 2.2 v 33?

Yeah, I know, „ignore the unhelpful posts - blabla“… but again, for anyone but Shanabit, it might be useful to post the platform you want to use it on…

There are all kinds of FREE Reverb VST’s in 32 bit format to use with a 32 bit DAW. Check KVR or just Google it.

What is wrong with the Room A or Room B in SX2?

As Mr. Svennilenni has stated you should put your specs in your signature, OS, Cubase version, computer specs.
It helps a lot.

Sorry guys. Its Windows 7 What other info do you need?

I have Googled it several times, and tried installing maybe 10 of the ones I found, but unfortunately, they dont work with it even if they install. They (some) appear, but dont action… Thats why I thought I`d aask if anyone else had had luck with a particular Reverb on an old version like mine?

Anyway, I have this morning finally found one thats working. Thanks