Can't find basic functions in my CUbase LE 5

Still a newbee on Cubase 5 LE. Can’t find the “New Track - Transpose” as specified in the manual, what I would like to do is change the key for the last bars at the end of the project, the manual says “add new track - select Transpose” but when I add new track, there is no transpose??? :question:

Roland: Did you get your other question answered :question:

IMO: If your recording Midi tracks I would change it
in the Key Editor by High Lighting all the part’s and drag
them up to the new Key. :wink:

As for changing the key with Audio tracks “OH BOYYYYYY”
Maybe some one else has an Idea for ya :slight_smile:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS: My version of Cubase - Cubase 7 has Transpose.
Maybe Cubase Le5 doesn’t have Transpose.

Yes, sofar all my previous questions were answered through various forums and manuals, now I went through the CUBASE 4 manual and found Transpose for all tracks available (Audio and Midi) as well as the Control Room setup, these two functions at least don’t seem to be available in my Cubase LE. A friend of mine has the regular 5 and has these features. :cry:

… and I just found this:

Roland: I’m stumped on your question :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Just had a quick look at the LE 5 manual.

I see in the Index for “Transpose” …

Info Line - transpose MIDI part

MIDI Function - transpose

MIDI Modifier - transpose …

I think you have answered your own question. The “Transpose Track” is not included in your LE 5 version.

I think that is what you are talking about/searching for, anyway :confused: .

Are you sure you are looking at the LE 5 manual? Can you give a page number?

Yes, I was looking at the wrong manual. I now have the LE 5 manual and things are getting better, although there are still a lot of “mysteries” in my Cubase project, this is the normal learning curve I guess!

Well, it sounds like you have the right mindset :slight_smile: . The learning curve can be painfully steep at first. But if you keep at it and don’t expect any quick miracles you will be rewarded for your efforts. It probably took me a good year or two before I started feeling like I was getting a grip on things.

Cubase is a blank canvas so you have to kind of develop your own way of working that fits the types of projects you are creating.

Good luck!

Thanks for your nice words! I am so excited about this product that I wake up at night thinking how I will change the project to this or that… I am just starting now to experiment with voice recording and discovered the VST Dynamics effects in the manual. It seems very interesting for voice effects and the next time I can play with my project I will experiment this feature. If anyone has advices for voice recording, you are welcome! Great forum by the way! :slight_smile: