Can't find C12 license in MySteinberg. Normal?

I bought, installed and activated Cubase Pro 12 on launch day. That actually went fine. However, my C12 license has not yet appeared in my MySteinberg account, neither as a license nor as a download.

Is this normal? Is MySteinberg being phased out? Is the Download manager the (only) thing to use now?


There’s two licensing sections on MySteinberg now. You may be in the original e-licenser section (marked with a cross on screenshot):

Go to the landing page for your account (Login) and make sure you’re in the ‘Steinberg Licensing’ section (Arrow)

If it’s not in there, is it possible you’ve logged in to a different account when activating C12(?).

Thanks, I found it. But it was actually somewhat hidden :slight_smile: This has always been my landing page:

I had to go to “My profile” before I found the new “Show Steinberg…” button, where the C12 license is. Someone should give the interaction designer a stern talking-to.