Cant find CPR file for project

I have all of the audio, peak, images and even bak files for a project but the cpr file has disappeared. Is there a way to get this put back together?

The only thing I have done since last time I worked on this project was trash prefs. I only found the audio files by searching the date the project was recorded.

Any ideas?

Rename the latest .bak to .cpr and open it, don’t think that there’s any better way.

Thanks Twin Oak. I tried that and it worked, to a degree. The bak files were previous to adding most of the tracks that are still on my hard drive. I can only assume that somehow I didn’t save the project before closing. I find it strange that I have all the images, peak and audio files still. Maybe that is just how Cubase works.

Anyway, thank you for your time.


It’s logical really. When you record an audio track the data has to go SOMEWHERE! But if you neglect to save the Project, you haven’t saved the information on where it goes in the song!

If you restore a backup Project file, you can re-create the new tracks and manually position the recorded wav files in them. You’ll have to redo any effects and other editing though.

Working out which wav file goes where is MUCH easier if you remembered to give a meaningful name to each new track, BEFORE recording anything to it. I hope you did! I also hope you created a folder for this project, so you’re looking through an Audio Files folder containing just that project’s audio, not a heap of everything you’ve ever recorded!

It’s also worth searching the computer for .CPR. Particularly if this project overlapped an upgrade to Cubase 6. There seem to have been some changes to the default Save locations, which are still sometimes catching me out! This shouldn’t affect an existing project, but check anyway.