Can't find Cubase 13 elicense in elicense control centre

Hello All
I’ve been trying to activate the license for Cubase 13 elements that I recently bought for the verification process, but it keeps saying “No license to upgrade selectable”. And when I open the activation manager it brings up Cubase 11 elements, which I never had. I am trying to upgrade from Cubase 9.

I can’t seem to find any useful information through the Steinberg portal or on the web. Does anyone have any idea what’s gone wrong and how to fix it?

See Information on Steinberg Licensing

Managing your licenses

You can check the status of your licenses using the new Steinberg Activation Manager

Thanks Steve for the advice.
Unfortunately I looked at the Activation Manager and it still say Verfication Pending Expired. The solution on the support page don’t help. I don’t understand what is the matter. And on the elicenser portal it still reads Cubase 11.

Is there a way I can go directly to personal support?